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Copper sleeves and copper tiles are one of the main parts of forging machinery.

Large copper sleeves and copper tiles are sliding parts in sliding bearings of flat forging machines, also called "shaft bushes".

They are all installed inside the engine, on the crankshaft of the crankcase, to lubricate and reduce friction.
Mould strength: Improper heat treatment process formulation, irregular heat treatment operation, or incomplete heat treatment equipment condition, resulting in the strength (hardness) of the mold being treated cannot meet the design requirements.

To replace the copper sleeve of the eccentric shaft, lock the packing and drill the hole, and then put the eccentric sleeve upside down to take out the copper sleeve:

  • Before installing a new copper sleeve, you must check the inner hole size of the eccentric sleeve for cracks.
  • When installing the eccentric shaft copper sleeve, it can be cooled with dry ice.
  • When pouring the locking packing, the eccentric sleeve and the copper sleeve must be carried out at a temperature of about 70 degrees, and the oil holes of the eccentric sleeve and the copper sleeve must be aligned.

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