Leaded bronze

Are you looking for   Tin Bronze Bearings and Bushings ?

Jiaerda Bearings is ready to help with all the bushing-type bearings you need.

Jiaerda Machinery is one of the largest fully integrated producers of tin bronze bearings and bushings in CHINA.

Jiaerda will be your only bronze bearings supplier.

We offer a complete range of world-class Bearings and Cast Materials designed to optimize your product's performance. Jiaerda Machinery has many sizes and styles on the shelf, and we also offer custom products produced to your specifications. 


Jiaerda Machinery offers a wide variety of environmentally friendly, lead-free products made from high-quality metals and polymers. DO you want to make your own bushing bearings to fit your application?





We stock and sell Continuous and Centrifugally Cast Bronze Bars as solid, cored, and wear-plate, and more. We operate five workshops casting and finishing Bushing bearings, making us the perfect solution.


when you need standard or special parts, bearings for prototypes, or for emergency repairs. Please contact us at jiaerda.cn or call 86-575-87521267 for your Bronze Bearings and bushings.


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