CNC Machine Parts

What are the types of CNC?

refer to the precision that can be achieved only through high-precision machining tools or equipment, and advanced machining technology. The accuracy index of each period is different, therefore, the two forms of processing will also change with time.




CNC Machine Parts mainly includes three areas: As far as the current standard is concerned, the CNC Machine Parts processing technology is 1 to 0.1um, and the surface roughness is Ra0.2 to 0.01um; some customers require the processing accuracy of processing technology to be higher than 0.1um, and the surface roughness Ra is less than 0.25um. And the resolution and repeatability of the positioning accuracy of the machine tool used are higher than 0.01um, Jiaerda Machinery can be customized to meet the requirements.

  • Precision cutting
  • Precision grinding and grinding process
  • Precision special processing




The CNC Machine Parts are used in a wide range, including :

pump, valves, marine hardware, motor cars, auto parts, and excavator parts. There is stainless steel precision casting processed parts snow blowers and water pump parts exported to Japan, stainless steel glass clamps and faucet parts refined, stainless steel precision meat grinders, pipe joints and auto parts, sand casting cutting machines,and food machinery parts, Aluminum auto parts and zinc alloy high-pressure castings for the aftermarket.

The products processed by our CNC Machine Parts include:

non-standard micro and small components, copper/aluminum alloy parts, hardware shells, electronic radiators, medical equipment parts, instrumentation parts, precision machinery parts, communication parts, electronic products High-standard and high-quality pro. 





Our company is mainly good at precision machining of customized hardware. Therefore, no matter what kind of process is processed, our company can adopt reasonable and efficient processing technology according to the requirements of the drawings.

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