Bronze Alloys

What is Copper Sleeve or Bronze bearing?

It is a wear-resistant part in mechanical equipment which is widely used.


Copper Sleeve or Bronze bearing is mostly processed by centrifugal casting. The color is mainly yellow.

  • The wear resistance of brass material is relatively good. The internal structure is relatively tight and will not appear large looseness, cracks, and other phenomena, the appearance looks brighter, the important thing is that its hardness is relatively high, and it has relatively strong corrosion resistance and compression resistance.


  • Copper Sleeve is a wear-resistant accessory on the majority of mining machinery and equipment. Shaft sleeves are generally used on gear shafts or bearings. The main function is to fix and locate, so as to save materials.


  • According to the small amount of bearing needs, the sleeves are divided into openings and non-openings. This depends on the needs of the structure. Generally, the sleeves cannot It can bear overlap, or can only bear a small amount of coaxial, or add thrust bearing.


The bushing generally serves as a lining.

  • The shaft can have various shapes, and so can bushes. Bushings can preserve corrosion, eliminate assembly gaps, etc.

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