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  GB/T BSEN Hardness Friction Coefficient Elasticity Modulus Tensile Strength Operating Temperature
C95400 ZCuAl10Fe3 CC331G 100-130HB <0.18 ≈110KN/mm² 490-580Mpa <250℃
C95500 ZCuAl10Ni5Fe5 CC333G 140-170hb <0.18 ≈120KN/mm² 490-580Mpa <250℃


Tin bronze, aluminum bronze, lead bronze, aluminum brass, oilless bearing, bimetal bearing, copper-silicon alloy, copper-beryllium alloy, copper-manganese alloy, copper-magnesium alloy, copper-iron alloy, copper-cobalt alloy, aluminum oxide copper, silicon nickel Chromium copper, copper-tin-zinc alloy, phosphor-copper alloy, casting, iron-copper alloy, nickel-nickel-nickel alloy, aluminum-nickel alloy, aluminum-manganese bronze, aluminum-silicon bronze phosphorus, and zirconium can refine alloy grains and silicon grains, of which phosphorus and aluminum The AlP compound can be formed thermodynamically.

The formed AlP has the same lattice structure and lattice-type as Si and has a very similar lattice constant. It is a good heterogeneous nucleating agent for silicon.

The large and dispersed AlP particles formed during smelting serve as the core of Si heterogeneous nucleation. Si is attracted to each AlP particle to form crystal nuclei, so as to achieve the purpose of dispersing and refining the silicon. Therefore, the addition of phosphorous copper must be before the addition of zinc to achieve the effect of grain refinement, and then the content of phosphorous in the alloy is 0.01-0.03 (weight).

The carbon material as a support carrier can not only be the catalyst, but also the active site catalyst activity. In addition, due to the synergy between the carbon material and the metal compound, the activity of the composite material is better than the simple addition of the two activities. Research on the preparation of graphite Ene-supported non-compounds is used as fuel cell catalysts, precursors prepared from catalysts. (The above content is selected from academic forums)

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