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Which copper-bearing models are used on hydraulic presses?

Jiaerda Machinery has professional experience in the manufacture of brass alloys for more than 20 years.  We have a direct relationship with the largest brass and bronze material supplier in China.

With our modern and stable and safe die casting method, we can produce a broad range of brass alloys, bronze bushing, copper alloys, brass bearing, oilless bearing, bimetal bearing.  we have a strong competitive edge in this area.

In order to meet the most demanding environmental and application requirements, we have strict requirements on the internal process design and quality maintenance of brass alloys. We have been improving the casting capacity of various copper alloy shapes and sizes.


Centrifugal casting can produce bearing products with a diameter of 4 meters, which is the industry leader in this size. Jiaerda Machinery mainly produces copper bearings by centrifugal casting, continuous casting, and metal mold casting

With an annual output of more than 2,000 tons of copper bearings, it is steadily improving its casting and processing capabilities. We carry a wide range of bronze material bearing including Tin bronze, Aluminium bronze, Leaded Bronze, Aluminium brass, oilless bearing, and many more.  


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