Super-large bearings with a diameter of 4 meters

What are the types of casting?

(1)Cantilever Centrifugal Casting: φ3000mm*1000mm

(2)Supporting Wheel Centrifugal Casting: φ1000mm*2500mm

(3)Vertical Centrifugal Casting : φ4000mm*1000mm

(4)Horizontal Continuous Casting: φ180/180mm*120mm

(5)Vertical Metal Mold Casting: φ1000mm*1500mm



What casting means?

Casting is a very common manufacturing process.

Generally, the molten liquid material is poured into a casting mold, which has a hollow cavity of a standard shape.

After the liquid material enters the mold, it rotates at high speed and waits for a certain time for it to solidify.

The solidified parts are called castings or blanks, and workers take them off. The whole process is called casting.

You can follow the link to see the process: jiaerda-Quality