Tin Bearing Bronze

Tin Bearing Bronze

National standard: ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5、ZCuSn10P1

American standard: C83600、C90710

European standard: CC491K、CC480K

Basic hardness: >65HB、>90HB

The coefficient of friction: <0.15、<0.15

Modulus of elasticity: 90KN/mm²、95KNmm²

The use of temperature: ≤220℃、≤220℃

The sliding speed: < oil 3m/s, fat 0.6m/s, < oil 8m/s, fat 1.6m/s

Coefficient of linear expansion: ≈13×10、≈17×10

Thermal conductivity: 71W/(m·k)、50W/(m·k)

Spindle neck hardness: ≥250HB、≥300HB


Tin Bearing Bronze

JIAERDA supply C83600 Bronze|C90710 BronzeThe main function of tin is to strengthen these bronze alloysTin bronze has high strength, hardness and ductility. This alloy is noted for its resistance to corrosion of sea and salt water. Common industrial applications include accessories for gears, bushings, bearings, pump impellers, and more.


1. Why is bronze bearing need Tin ?

Copper tin bronze, Leaded tin bronze, or tin bearing are noted for their corrosion resistance. Tin bronze is stronger and more ductile than red and semi-red brass. Tin bronze has high wear resistance and low friction coefficient.

Tin is the main added element of tin bronze. This combination of properties gives it good wear resistance, easy processing, good corrosion resistance in atmosphere,sea water and fresh water vapor.

So it is the first choice of alloy wear-resisting sliding bearing. Because of its small casting shrinkage and high air tightness, tin bronze is often case into complex shapes.

2.What are the advantages of tin bronze?

Copper tin bronze is a metal alloy with copper as its main component. They are highly resistant to corrosion. The best known traditional types are bronze, of which copper tin is an important addition, and brass, which uses zinc instead.

The presence of copper tin provides high mechanical properties, offset by the addition of  copper tin to increase the cost of the metal. However, high tin bronze is particularly suitable for certain applications where less expensive bronze is not suitable.

3.Item sharing of C83600 |C90710

C83600suitable for workding under high load and moderate sliding speed. Copper tin application in injection molding machine industry :



C90710:applies in high load (below 20MPA)and high sliding speed (below 8M/S). Copper tin application in wind power industry :


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