Wind turbine speed increasing gearbox copper ring

Zhuji City Jiaerda Machinery Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of copper rings for wind power gearboxes. After several years of continuous technological innovation and development in the wind power industry, the products have the characteristics of high reliability, high bearing capacity, and high-cost performance; the company The floating oil distribution ring, oil seal, and copper ring produced are used in 1.5MW, 1.65MW, 2MW, 2.5MW, 2.75MW, 3MW, 3.5MW, 4MW, 5MW, 6MW, 7MW, and other wind power gearboxes.

The main material of the oil seal, floating oil distribution ring, and copper ring of the speed-increasing speed change gearbox is tin bronze 10-1, which has high hardness, excellent wear resistance, is not easy to cause seizure, and has good casting performance and cutting performance. Good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water. ZCuSn10P1 cast copper alloy can be used for wear-resistant parts that work under high load (below 20MPa) and high sliding speed (8m/s), such as connecting rods, bushings, bearing bushes, gears, worm gears, etc.

The wind turbine gearbox is a transmission component that connects the main shaft of the unit and the generator. Its main function is to convert the low-speed operation input of the main shaft into the output required by the medium-speed or high-speed generator. It is one of the important components of the wind turbine. Due to the complex working conditions of wind turbine gearboxes and the high requirements for reliability, the design and application of wind turbine gearboxes, especially the selection, installation, and use of bearings as key components, are particularly important.

The gearbox in the wind turbine is an important mechanical component, and its main function is to transmit the power generated by the wind rotor under the action of the wind to the generator and make it obtain the corresponding speed. Since the unit is installed in the air outlet such as mountains, wilderness, beaches, islands, etc., the working environment is harsh, and the natural environment is inconvenient for transportation. Once a fault occurs, it is very difficult to repair. Therefore, the reliability of its various accessories including oil seals floating oil distribution rings, and service life have put forward much higher requirements than general machinery.

The main casting method of the 10-1 copper sleeve produced by the company is centrifugal casting. Centrifugal casting refers to a casting method in which copper liquid is poured into a high-speed rotating casting centrifuge to solidify and form under the action of centrifugal force. Centrifugal casting can obtain copper sleeve castings without shrinkage cavities, pores, and slag inclusions, with fine structure and good mechanical properties. When casting around hollow parts, the core can be omitted. In addition, centrifugal casting does not require a gating system, reducing metal consumption.

The weight of a single piece of tin bronze products produced by the company can reach 1000kg and the diameter can reach 2000mm. The company also produces other types of tin bronze products. The commonly used brands are QSn4-3, QSn4.4-2.5, QSn7-O.2, ZQSn5-2-5, ZQSn6-6-3, etc.

Our company is equipped with spectrometer, three-coordinate and other component testing equipment and precise dimensional testing equipment. It has strong quality assurance capabilities and has the comprehensive ability to produce various high-quality national standard and non-standard copper sleeves and copper ring products. Welcome friends to our company Visit and inspect, come to the drawing to produce custom.