Submersible pump accessories

Submersible pump accessories

The machining accuracy of CNC parts reaches and exceeds 0.1 microns

which is called ultra-precision machining.


In the aerospace industry, precision machining is mainly used to process precision mechanical parts in aircraft control equipment, such as precision parts in hydraulic and pneumatic servo systems, gyroscope frames, housings, air floats, CNC parts processing, liquid bearing components and Floats, and so on.

The structure of the precision parts of the aircraft is complex, the rigidity is low, the precision is high, and the proportion of difficult-to-process materials is large. The effects of the precision machining process are as follows:

  • The geometric shape and mutual position accuracy of the parts can reach micrometers or arcseconds
  • The component's --- or feature size tolerance is lower than micron
  • The average height difference of the surface irregularity of the part surface is less than 0.1 micron
  • Complementary components can meet the requirements of matching force
  • The components can also meet the requirements of precision machinery or other physical characteristics, such as the torsional stiffness of the torsion bar of the floating gyroscope and the stiffness coefficient of the flexible component.

CNC cutting is a processing method that rationalizes cutting, and it is also a common process in aluminum alloy precision processing. It uses end mills with multi-directional cutting functions, spiral cutting interpolation, and contour cutting interpolation. A small number of holes are processed by a small number of tools.


  • The unique advantage of CNC machining of aluminum alloy precision parts is that the ball-end milling cutter cooperates with the spiral interpolation method to perform continuous machining of taper holes;
  • Boring and chamfering can be performed by using ball end mills and spiral interpolation drills;
  • The end milling cutter cooperates with the contour cutting interpolation, which can perform semi-finish machining and precision parts machining on the holes;
  • The end mill for thread processing can be used with helical interpolation to process various threaded holes

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