C86300 Bushing

C86300 Bushing


How do you get Aluminum Brass?

Aluminum Brass is an alloy built by artisans. It is best known for casting parts from smelters.

The Aluminium Brass Alloy can also be used in the construction of parts added to the same mod. Aluminum VS Brass made by smelting Aluminum to Copper in a 3:1 ratio.

1. How do you get Aluminum Brass?

Jiaerda Machinery has over 20 years of experience in aluminum brass bearings. You can get any kind of copper-bearing you want in our company. We are willing to provide you with free science-related knowledge of aluminum brass :

The main alloy composition of aluminum brass is Cu-Zn-Al. In practical application, in order to improve the strength, corrosion resistance, wear-resistance, and other properties of aluminum brass, the elements such As As, Mn, Fn, and Ni are often added into the alloy to greatly improve the comprehensive properties of the material.

Because the equivalent coefficient of Al and Zn is 6, the tendency of forming β phase is larger and the strengthening effect is good. When the content of aluminum increases, γ phase will appear.

Although the hardness of the aluminum brass alloy is increased, the plasticity is greatly reduced. In aluminum brass, the tendency of ionization on the surface of aluminum is greater than that of zinc, and the formation of precise and hard alumina film is preferred to prevent further oxidation of the alloy and improve the corrosion resistance to gas, solution, especially high-speed seawater.

2. What's the difference between steel, aluminum, and brass?

Steel, aluminum, and brass plates are relatively strong and provide a high level of corrosion protection.

However, steel is the strongest, while aluminum is the lightest. Brass, on the other hand, conducts electricity the best of the three metals.

As for stainless steels (301, 304, and 310) and brass, they are separated by only two metals, meaning they can be safely joined together with minimal risk of electrical erosion.

3. Aluminum Brass Bearing (UNS C86300 & C86400

C86300 & C86400 are suitable for the parts with high strength and low wear resistance. Like copper plate, turbine, screw, bushing, nut.

Please contact me for information on how to choose a tin bronze suitable for your application.


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