Bimetal Bearing

Bimetal Bearing

Where to buy Bimetal Bearings?

Jiaerda Machinery undertakes casting and processing of various Bimetal Bearings products.

The back layer of the product is made of carbon steel. The friction layer can be made of a copper alloy of different grades. The two different materials can be combined by centrifugal casting. And the bonding strength (shear force) can reach about 1/2 of the tensile strength of the wear-resisting layer copper alloy. 

How to select Bimetal Bearings?

Because the matrix of the whole copper alloy sliding bearing is soft, it is easy to produce processing deformation, and the material cost is high.

the friction layer used is very few, and the resources of copper alloy are seriously wasted. Bimetal Bearings can make good use of the advantages of two kinds of materials that reduce the waste of resources,

but also can improve the overall strength without affecting the use of wear resistance, and can be embedded solid lubrication graphite to make it play a greater role, is the direction of today's industry.


Bimetal Bearings applicated in Air Compressor | Hydraulic Machinery|Nuclear Power Plant.


Inner wall material performance:


  • It has high fatigue strength, bearing capacity, and impact resistance. It is used for bearings under high speed, swing,  and rotation conditions.


  • suitable for medium load, medium to high speed,  and large impact load bearings, coils used in mechanical equipment for bearings, sliding bearings with a high surface pressure of washers and side pressure, such as rolling bearings, vehicle bearings, bimetallic bushes, piston pin sleeves, friction plates, etc.


  • work under normal load and medium sliding speed, such as turbines, motors, compressors, piston clutches, Connecting rod bushings, rocker bushings, etc., currently used in large quantities.


  • mainly widely used in heavy-duty vehicle balance bridge bushings, gaskets, internal combustion engine main bushes, connecting rod bushings, rocker bushings, oil pump side friction plates, small and medium power inner Engine bearing bushes, train engine bearing bushes, air compressor bushings, refrigerators, etc.


  • It can be matched with flexible shafts and is often used as medium and small power internal combustion engine bearings, train engine bearings, air compressor sleeves, etc. It is the best product to replace babbitt alloy.


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