Aluminium Bronze Properties


Aluminum bronze has higher strength and corrosion resistance compared to other bronze alloys.

These Aluminium bronze alloys are resistant to discoloration, have low corrosion rates at atmospheric conditions, have low oxidation rates at high temperatures, and have low reactivity with sulfur-containing compounds and other combustion tail gas products.

Aluminium bronze also resist the corrosion of seawater. The corrosion resistance of aluminium bronze comes from the aluminium in the alloy, which reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere to form a thin, tough alumina surface layer that acts as a corrosion barrier against copper-rich alloys.

The corrosion resistance can be improved by the addition of tin. Another notable feature of aluminium bronzes is their biostatic effect.

The aluminium bronzes copper component of the alloy prevents the colonization of Marine organisms such as algae, lichens, barnacles and mussels, making it preferable to stainless steel or other non-copper alloys for applications where colonization is not required.


1. What are the aluminium bronze grades JIAERDA MACHINERY have?

c95400 Aluminium bronze : suitable for important occasions requiring high strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance,   and widely used in the chemical industry, ships, aircraft and machine tools of gear, bearing, pumps and valves. JIAERDA MACHINERY has a lot of engineering experience in hydroelectric units.


c95500 Aluminium bronze : this combination of properties gives it good heat resistance below 400℃, good welding performance and good casting performance. Applications in Shipping Industy. 

2. What is the use of aluminium bronze ?

First : Aluminium bronze is a strong, corrosion-resistant copper alloy containing 4-15% aluminum and small amounts of other metals, Aluminium bronze used in the manufacture of many machine parts and tools. The alloy is very special due to its golden color and high gloss and is also used in jewelry and architecture.

There are two broad categories of aluminium bronze . Aluminium bronze contains about 9-14% aluminum and about 4% iron, while nickel-aluminum bronze contains about 9-11% aluminum, about 4% iron and about 5% nickel. The addition of nickel further improves the corrosion resistance of materials that are already strong in the area.


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