brass plate

brass plate

What is a Brass Plate?

Through the program of the CNC machine tool, the brass plate can guide and control the linear motion, when under heavy pressure.

These brass plates act as linear bearings for guiding and controlling. Jiaerda Machinery plant provides various types of brass wear plates, from unfinished cast bronze plates to fully finished parts.

Here are some pictures of our products:


The brass wear plate is produced by the "horizontal continuous casting" method.  The Max size is φ180 or φ180*120mm

The fine grain structure obtained by "horizontal continuous casting" actually eliminates the casting defects associated with static casting methods. This dense structure has no pores, thereby extending the service life of the mold. This type of "horizontal continuous casting" brass wear plates can be stocked, mainly to reduce material procurement costs and processing time.

We also produce precision wear plates. It is the top and bottom of the supply complete, which has been milled or ground. Thickness range: +/- .002 tolerance.

More information on our graphite plugged parts can be found here.

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