bronze plate

bronze plate

Why are oilless bearings oilless?  (oilless Bearings = oilless Bushing)


Oilless bearing is a kind of product with self-lubricating property.

Appropriate size holes are developed and well-arranged on the friction surface of copper-bearing as a metal matrix, and graphite or molybdenum disulfide are embedded as a solid lubricant. 

This rational combination combines the respective performance advantages of metal alloys and non-metallic friction-reducing materials to complement each other.

It not only has the high bearing capacity of the metal but also has the lubrication property of the anti-wear material.

So oilless bearing is especially suitable for the environment like no refueling, less refueling, high temperature, high load, and water environment.

Application of oilless bearing :

 It is difficult to form lubricating oil film under low speed and heavy load.

Bad environment, limited structure, not easy to add lubricating oil.

 The large temperature difference in the working environment.

The maintenance is difficult and the long life of the bearing is required.

When used in corrosive media.

When impact load is easy to occur.

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