Mining machinery

Mining machinery is mostly used in harsh working conditions and dusty areas. In this environment, any equipment failure will affect the overall situation. This requires mining machinery to be equipped with excellent durability and reliability.


Jiaerda produces Leaded commercial bronze, which is a freely machined brass with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. With high-quality bearings, contributes to the reduction of maintenance costs caused by equipment under severe working conditions, and provides a strong guarantee for improving production efficiency.


Leaded bronze or Leaded commercial bronze has good self-lubricating properties, easy to cut, poor casting properties, and prone to segregation of specific gravity. Leaded commercial bronze produced by JIAERDA MACHINERY is suitable for bimetal casting materials. In the absence of lubricants and water-based lubricants, it has good sliding properties and self-lubricating properties, easy to cut, poor casting properties of Henan Dashan non-ferrous metals, and good corrosion resistance to dilute sulfuric acid. It is often used for bearings with high sliding speed, and bearings for crushers, water pumps, and cold rolling mills. 

Bearings with high surface pressure and side pressure can be used to manufacture copper cooling tubes for cold rolling mills. Lead bronze for piston pin sleeves with a load of 70 MPa is a widely used bearing material for modern engines and grinders.

lead alloy hardness data:

Leaded commercial bronze GB/T BSEN Hardness Friction Coefficient Tensile Strength Operating Temperature
C93800 ZCuPb15Sn8 CC496K ≥55HB <0.15 490-580Mpa ≤220℃
C94100 ZCuPb20Sn5 CC497G ≥45HB <0.15 490-580Mpa ≤220℃


Adding lead to bronze can reduce the melting point of the alloy or increase fluidity, forming ability, improve cutting performance and reduce costs, or increase the filling ability during casting, reduce bubbles, etc.

At the same time, adding lead can also increase bronze The weight of the lead bronze makes the texture of the Leaded commercial bronze harder, stronger, and more durable.
Lead is not solid-soluble in bronze, but exists as a pure component, with black inclusions distributed among the dendrites, which can improve cutting and wear resistance. When the lead content is low (such as 1~2%), it mainly improves machinability. When the lead content is high (4~5%), it is used as a bearing material to reduce the friction coefficient.


Leaded commercial bronze is an immeasurable vulnerable part of mining machinery and equipment. Copper bushing has its own characteristics like other copper alloy products.