Oilless bushing

Oilless bushing

JIAERDA Oilless bushing from CHINA are commonly used in applications requiring a completely self lubricating, copper base alloy bearing material. Choose from our many standard bushing and  bearings, in both metric  sizes, or let us produce a custom part to your exact specifications. 

Design and calcuation of working pressure:(Oilless Bushing).

The working presurre of the Oilless Bushing is calculated as the follow formula: P=Fmax/d.L≤Po


Fmax-the max radial(N)sustained by bearing

d-Diameter of bearing(mm)

L-Length of bearing(mm)

Po-Allowed load of bearing(Mpa) is calcualted according to the sliding speed as the PV factor abtains the dynamic capacity, and the result is divided by a safety coefficient 1.4 and get the allowed load.




The JIAERDA MACHINER Oilless bushing requires no oil or grease, instead a graphite film is formed between the surfaces to provide a reliable, mechanical barrier of lubrication. Additional capabilities include graphite filled grooves and wear plates. Oilless bushing can be manufactured from a number of bronze alloys to meet the specific requirements of your application.

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