A large 4M Diameter bronze bearing used on hydropower.

C95400 and C95500 aluminum bronze materials have many other uses. It is generally understood that the characteristics and advantages of aluminum bronze materials are: high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. 

Jiaerda Machinery mainly produces accessories such as bearings, bushings, sleeves, copper plates, nuts, worm gears, and screw rods. For example, valve seats and ducts, anti-wear plates, and copper pipes on aircraft engines. This kind of pipe is made by continuous casting. 

As an Aluminium bronze casting manufacturers Jiaerda Machinery has 5 casting methods:

CASTING Cantilever centrifugal casting Max.φ3000 x 1000(mm)
Supporting wheel centrifugal casting Max.φ1000 x 2500(mm)
Horizontal continuous casting Max.φ180 OR 180 x 120(mm)
Vertical metal mold casting Max.φ1000 x 1500(mm)
Vertical centrifugal casting Max.φ4000 x 1000(mm)


The customer inspection site is as follows:

Oversized Bearing Type:
The inner diameter C95500 Aluminium bronze with a diameter of 4 meters belongs to the "super-large" or "large diameter" product range. In order to meet the customer's diameter and hydropower station size requirements, we have also specially developed solutions, including the centrifugal casting or static casting process in the above table. These products can be purchased in a rough processing state (the rough state is for you to finish processing), or as a fully processed finished product, depending on your needs.

This super large bronze bearing is also widely and professionally used, including Heavy Construction Equipment, Hydropower, Shipping Industry, Nuclear, and Mechanical Maintenance.

Since the history of the use of copper alloys, since the mechanical and physical properties can be customized simply by changing the alloying elements, cast copper alloys have always been the materials of choice in the industrial industry. There are many alloys that can meet very specific application requirements. Aluminum bronze casting manufacturers are JIAERDA MACHINERY.





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