Why use professional bearings on the shipping industry?

What is shipping industry bearing? Or, Why use professional bearings for the shipping industry? 

The shipping industry means faster communication with the world, the advantages of sea transport is stable, super-volume trade. There are many bearings required in the shipbuilding industry. However, because of the different requirements for shaft alignment in various classification societies, from the perspective of practical applications, c95500 aluminum bronze should at least meet the following requirements:




  1. Under static conditions, c95500 aluminum bronze should be in a positive load condition, that is, there should be no bearing voids.
  2. The bearing load should generally not be less than 20% of the sum of all weights between two adjacent spans.
  3. Generally, the bearing load should not exceed the specified value of the specification or the specified value of the aluminum bronze casting manufacturers.
  4. The additional bending stress of each shaft should not exceed the value specified in the specification.
  5. The bending moment and shear force applied to the output flange of the diesel engine should not exceed the values specified by the diesel engine manufacturer.
  6. The minimum load of the main bearing of the main engine should generally not be less than 10% of the allowable load of the main bearing, and the minimum value specified by the diesel engine factory can also be accepted.
  7. At the fulcrum of the rear bearing of the stern tube, the relative inclination angle of the propeller shaft and the rear bearing of the stern tube should generally not exceed 3.5x10-4rad (China Classification Society) under static conditions. The standard of foreign classification societies is generally 3.0x10-4rad.



Performance parameters of aluminum bronze bearings:

  GB/T BSEN Hardness Friction Coefficient Elasticity Modulus Tensile Strength Operating Temperature
C95400 ZCuAl10Fe3 CC331G 100-130HB <0.18 ≈110KN/mm² 490-580Mpa <250℃
 c95500 aluminum bronze   ZCuAl10Ni5Fe5 CC333G 140-170hb <0.18 ≈120KN/mm² 490-580Mpa <250℃


c95500 aluminum bronze welding wire, welding rod, and welding tape are not only widely used for welding new parts for various purposes, but also used for repair and remanufacturing of bronze and steel parts. 

Most marine ships, including escort ships, choose aluminum bronze for the protection system on submarines. In addition to the use of bearings for ships and mariners, the material properties of aluminum bronze itself also have other applications:


  • There is an application case that can be introduced: The Cuixi River Dam Engineering Association designated aluminum bronze to be used to make the thick chain used to lift the huge flood gate. It embodies the characteristics of aluminum bronze materials: high strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, and wears resistance.
  • Other products that need to be used in the water are the propellers of large and small ships. Jiaerda Machinery provides C95400 and C95500 aluminum bronze to make propeller hubs and blades. (Mainly supplied to large logistics shipping companies such as APL, OOCL, Kline, etc.)
  • The acid-resistant pump should be made of c95500 aluminum bronze. Puyang Water Conservancy Engineering has studied another possibility of the use of aluminum bronze: used to fix the chain of nautical buoys and propellers. The aluminum bronze can inhibit the growth of sea shellfish and prevent it. Other microorganisms breed in the seawater. Because of this feature, the buoy chain will not sink, and the propeller will not get stuck or even stop.